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The songs of the Robby Roberson Quartet create an organic, Americana style of music rich in dynamic rhythms and grooves, with flavors of rock, blues, folk, gospel and jazz. They are stories of fact, fiction, joy, and sorrow; all set against a backdrop of the various acoustic stringed and percussive instruments that are played with skill and passion. Indeed, the group feels that the instruments are not only a means of accompaniment, but are equal performers.

Robby Roberson

Robby Roberson

guitars, mandolin, banjo, harmonics, and vocals

Robby started playing guitar in the mid-sixties after hearing the Beatles sing “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Being influenced strongly by the music of John Lennon, Stephen Stills, Ry Cooder, and Bill Frisell, Robby brings a taste of edgy Americana roots to the Quartet through his finger picking styles, rhythmic and dynamic grooves, experimental acoustic sounds, and story telling. He has found his musical niche in playing the reluctant front man in the Quartet.

Eddie Garnero

Eddie Garnero

acoustic and electric bass and background vocals

With a diverse background of funk, jazz, pop, and eclectic original music bands, Eddie brings an element of pulse to the Quartet that’s sometimes traditional, sometimes melodic, and sometimes a fusion of funky rhythms that organically support the Quartet’s roots music based stories. His positive energy, and creative vision for music on and off stage serve as focal points for the Quartet’s message. On both fretted and fretless basses, his parts synch with drummer Jim’s panoply of percussive expressions to co-create a compelling fabric and arrangements to support the Quartet.

Michael Mulryan

Michael Mulryan

acoustic and electric violin

As a classically trained violinist, Michael’s accurate ability to articulate melodies with lush feeling supports the modern roots sound of the Quartet in uniquely disciplined ways. The juxtaposition of his soft and at times explosive expressions aid in moving the Quartet’s music to a broad and diverse range of dynamic and rhythmic intensities on stage and in the studio. Whether Michael is using his acoustic or experimenting with electrified wah-wah/delay violin motifs, his contributions deliver an organic and expansive experience to the Quartet’s music statements.

Jim Banister

Jim Banister

percussion and background vocals

Jim’s impeccable sense of timing and his diverse taste of percussive instruments serve as a dynamic glue for the intricate arrangements and, at times, Seussian sound that the Quartet develops. With a music degree from Arizona State University in orchestra percussion his level of musicianship and understanding of musical theory and harmonic patterns provide a diverse pallet of training and experience that he brings to the group. His melodiously rich falsetto vocal that he uses with skill and precision, in combination with Eddie, create a strong harmonizing vocal background. With a youthful innocence and curiosity, Jim is truly a kindred spirit to the Quartet.

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